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Financial Accountability in the Construction Industry

The future of contracts and connectivity

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Quotes from homeowners and contractors
A picture of Cal Webster, Proof Payments' CEO, standing on a front porch of a home while leaning against a wood pole.

Over the past 10 years our CEO, Cal Webster, has experienced all angles of the residential construction industry as a building contractor, developer, and Realtor.

These different viewpoints have given our founder a unique perspective on how inefficient the construction industry is at communicating effectively and maintaining records across multiple platforms.

Cal’s frustration from these pointless redundancies and countless misunderstandings motivated him to create Proof Payments to address these issues and bring accountability to the industry.



An icon of stacked documents
An icon of a briefcase
A graphic displaying how the Funding Institutions, Contractors, and Property Owners can work together with Proof Payments.

Proper Documentation
Collect and organize all necessary documents to protect all parties

Record Keeping
Accurate and usefule information collected in one location

An icon of a globe with an arrow pointing right.

Universal Connectivity
Easily synchronize all users to one payment approval flow across their various devices

An icon of a pencil writing

Proof Contracts
Dynamic contracts and processes that are integrated with all lender and city documents


An icon of a white hard hat

Protect the Contractor

Get paid for complete tasks, eliminate invoicing, and automate the paperwork

A house icon

Protect the Property Owner

Stop overpaying for work not performed, set clearer written expectations, stay informed on project status

An icon of a bank

Protect the Lenders

Transparency in change order requests, simplified draw disbursements, and

audible records.

An Eco-System of

Smart, Secure, Tech

in One Engine 

A pinwheel graphic showing the various aspects all revolve around the Proof Engine
A background image featuring silhouettes of towers being built and excavators
A mobile phone stating, "Coming soon to a phone near you!"

The entire project,

for all, in the palm of your hands.

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